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Sempasi Sol - 4 in 1 Cleansing Artist

Sempasi Sol - 4 in 1 Cleansing Artist

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Sempasi SOL - 4 in 1 Cleansing Artist

  • It cleanses the skin 6 times better than hands, thanks to vibrations, leaving it fresh and healthy
  • It stimulates blood circulation thus promoting cell regeneration
  • Luminous skin effect thanks to gentle exfoliation
  • Vibration facial massage relaxes and invigorates facial muscles, maintaining elasticity
  • Unclogs pores, aiding absorption of nutrients from skincare products

Do you want a gentle cleanse with optimal skin care results and anti-aging effects? Choose Sempasi Sol, your smart 4-in-1 facial cleansing device.

6 Times Better

6 times more effective in cleansing the skin than a regular cleansing, this is the result you get using the 3 brushes of the Sempasi Sol skin device.

Ultimate Cleanser

Sempasi Sol has a modern design and incorporates state-of-the-art technology. It is a device that is easy to control, with short presses, with which you can make circular, delicate movements.

Anti-aging Massage

Designed to bring you relaxation wherever you are, Sempasi Sol has anti-aging effects through its 14,400 vibrations per minute.


4 in 1

When you choose Sempasi Sol you don't just have a care product, but a cleaning device with anti-aging effects, which works deep into the skin, through the 4 programs.

Thanks to the massage performed with the 3 brushes, wrinkles and dark circles are reduced, the contour of the face is redefined, skin care products are absorbed more effectively. Used twice a day, Sempasi Sol creates smoother and brighter skin.

Sempasi Sol benefits

eliminates impurities from the skin;

improves absorption of nutrients from skin care products;

smooths out wrinkles;

corrects dark circles;

stimulates blood circulation;

improves the oxygenation of the dermis;

stimulates the absorption of skin care products;

helps visibly shrink pores;

slows down the cell aging process;

provides extra toning;

redefine the contour of the face;

creates a lifting effect and a firmer contour;

intensifies cellular activity;

improves skin elasticity;

unifies the appearance of the skin;

eliminates dull appearance;

increases skin brightness;

stimulates cell regeneration.

At any time

It is recommended to use the device twice a day, on cleansed skin, preferably in the morning and evening, or after physical exertion, or at any time dedicated to skin care. Use Sempasi Sol together with a cleansing foam or gel specifically dedicated to your skin type for an improved complexion.

The complete package

Get exceptional results at home with a relaxing massage. No pain, no appointments, no extra expenses! Together with Sempasi Sol you will receive all 3 interchangeable cleaning brush heads.

Program selection

A short press of the ON button is enough to start Sempasi Sol in the normal cleaning program. Do you need another program? Each short press changes to the next program. If you press continuously for 2 seconds, in any program, you will turn off the device.

Smart memo

Sempasi Sol is an intelligent device that uses the memorization function of the used program. When you restart it, it will automatically select the last used program.


The device automatically turns off for one second every 15 seconds, reminding you that it is time to change the area you are massaging.

60 seconds

You need only 60 seconds for an effective and complete massage. Sempasi Sol automatically switches off after every minute (the recommended time for a cleaning program).


planet friendly

Sempasi Sol protects the environment and is designed to save energy.

If not in use, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute for safety and environmental reasons.

Safe Cleaning

1. Long press the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds to turn off the device.

2. Rinse the top of the device and clean it with the soft cloth from the box. Do not use detergents!

3. Store Sempasi Pro in a dry and ventilated place.

4 programs for any skin type

The Sempasi Pro cleansing and skin care device is suitable for all skin types.

Choose one of the 4 programs according to the needs of the skin.

Normal Skin Cleansing Program

  • the massage is performed with low vibrations;
  • is signaled with low led intensity;
  • allows the use of any brush in the set.

Deep Skin Cleansing Program

  • the massage is performed with medium vibrations;
  • is signaled with strong led intensity;
  • allows the use of any brush in the set.

Delicate pulsation massage and skin cleansing program

  • the massage is performed with intense vibrations;
  • is signaled with a weak intermittent led intensity;
  • allows the use of any brush in the set.

Massage and skin cleansing program

the massage is performed with strong vibrations;

is signaled with strong flashing LED intensity;

allows the use of any brush in the set.

3 heads with interchangeable brushes

The Sempasi Sol set contains 3 interchangeable cleansing brush heads, one silicone and two super soft bristles, suitable for all skin types, including for sensitive skin.

The silicone brush head is a high-quality accessory, dries quickly and is designed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.

The two soft bristle heads or the sensitive face brushes provide a gentle touch and deep cleansing.

Caution! It is recommended to replace the brush head every 3 months

How to use Sempasi Sol?

DO NOT use Sempasi Sol when it is charging!

Mount the desired brush on the device: pull straight up to remove the brush from the device, choose the desired brush and fix it by gentle pressure. The device is used on previously cleansed skin.

After removing makeup, apply the skin cleansing gel or foam directly to the brush or to pre-moistened skin.

Turn on the device by pressing the ON/OFF button once.

Shortly press the on/off button, once, twice, three times or four times, depending on the program you want.

Start with the massage in the chin area, gently going up and through circular lifting movements to the cheekbones, continuing to the nose and eye area. Finish the skin cleansing routine with the forehead area. Perform the desired program with gentle circular movements to repeat in the mirror and on the other half of the face. In the nose area, it is recommended to perform the massage from bottom to top, on each side. In the eye area, it is recommended to use the device delicately and reduce the intensity of the massage.

Every 15 seconds, the device will automatically turn off for one second. This is the moment when you have to change the area you are massaging.

Rinse the face with water abundantly, at the end of the skin cleansing routine with Sempasi Sol (the cleansing ritual lasts 1 minute).

Rinse the brush and device with water to remove any cleaning foam or residue. Wipe the device with a delicate material (cotton) and store it in a dry and ventilated place.

After massaging and cleansing with Sempasi Sol, apply your favorite skin moisturizing, nourishing or mattifying products.


The device is low on battery and needs to be charged when it flashes 5 times and then shuts down.

The device is charged via USB cable, the battery has a large capacity of 380 mA, it is compact and convenient, designed to save energy and protect the environment.

Sol charges quickly and has a long life.

A full charge takes about 2-4 hours and allows up to 20 days of use. Stand-by time up to 60 days.

During charging, a flashing light appears. When the light remains constant, then the device is fully charged.

To protect the battery, DO NOT leave the device on charge for more than 24 hours.

The recommended time of use is approximately 1-2 minutes per session. Sol can be used maximum twice a day, preferably before applying skin care products and, necessarily, after removing make-up.


1. Sempasi Sol is a device that vibrates continuously after being turned on. It allows setting the desired cleaning program in 4 stages.

2. If the device is not in use, it will automatically shut down after 1 minute for safety and environmental protection reasons.

3. The device has a program memory function. When you restart it, it will automatically select the last used program.

4. Sempasi Sol can also be used for neck skin care.

5. The Sempasi Sol device is waterproof, however it is important to pay attention to the silicone cover at the base of the device, where the charging plug is located: make sure it is always closed!

6. Avoid exposing the device to heat sources or sunlight.

7. Make sure you store it in a dry and cool place.

8. Choose a delicate material for cleaning the device (cotton).

9. It is recommended to use a moderate amount of skin care products as they may seep into the device past the silicone cover on the bottom of the device and may damage it. After use, it is recommended to clean Sempasi Sol under running water and then wipe it with a delicate, clean cloth.

10. DO NOT use Sempasi Sol when it is charged!

11. Stop using the device if you feel discomfort, irritation or pain.

12. Keep out of reach of children!

Warranty, shipping and returns

24 month warranty.

In case of return, the buyer bears the cost of ROUND-ROUND shipping.

Caution! Sempasi products are for personal use. For reasons of personal hygiene, they cannot be returned after unsealing.

High quality EU standards

When it comes to quality, we treat this aspect very seriously.

Sempasi products are manufactured from materials that comply with the highest standards. Our factory holds international certifications CE, ROHS, ISO9001, WEEE.

Sempasi SOL

Colour: Pearl beige

Water resistance:IPX7

Vibration frequency :14,400 vibrations per minute


Battery capacity:380 mAh

Power supply:USB cable

Package contents:Box, device, USB cable, user manual, brush head for sensitive skin, brush head for normal skin, silicone head

Product dimensions:65x65x90 mm

Product weight:178g

Total weight:Approx. 480g

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