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Sempasi Pavo Pro - Rejuvenation Therapy

Sempasi Pavo Pro - Rejuvenation Therapy

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Sempasi Pavo Pro - Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Reduces fine lines around the eyes and restores luminosity
  • LED photorejuvenation helps treat skin with acne, sensitivity and redness
  • It helps prevent and decrease goiter by sculpting through vibration and heat
  • It slows down aging and provides a lifting effect thanks to strong vibrations
  • Hot massage accelerates the penetration of nutrients into the skin, maintaining skin elasticity

  • DIY in the hi tech arena

    Take the next step in your beauty ritual with the new Sempasi Pavo Pro device: lifting, LED photorejuvenation and relaxation for the face and neck area.


    The Pavo Pro device is the beauty gadget that adapts to your lifestyle. You charge it wireless or classic.


    Compact and with a modern design, Pavo Pro gives you satisfaction from the first use. The reduction of deep wrinkles is only a matter of time, a precisely calculated one: 3-4 weeks of daily use.


    Multitasking gadget with exceptional results, the new Pavo Pro incorporates state-of-the-art technology for a regenerated, youthful skin.

    Thermo Therapy

    Cryotherapy through the blue light (cold) program
    • stimulates protein synthesis and collagen secretion;
    • provides extra toning;
    • has an astringent effect and shrinks pores;
    • prevents the development of bacteria responsible for triggering and aggravating acne;
    • improves the appearance of sensitive skin;
    • soothes skin irritations and rashes;
    • normalizes sebum secretion of the skin
    Massage and vibrations through the normal program
    • activates blood circulation;
    • prepare the skin for the next program in your routine

    Thermotherapy through the red (warm) light program
    • allows twice as much absorption
    • fast skin care products;
    • increases cellular metabolism;
    • supports the natural generation of collagen;
    • smoothes out wrinkles;
    • provides extra toning;
    • improves the appearance of pores;
    • stimulates blood circulation;
    • removes impurities at the surface of the skin;
    • removes toxins;
    • intensifies cellular activity;
    • improves skin elasticity;
    • evens out the appearance of the skin;
    • eliminates the dull appearance;
    • reduce scars;
    • increases the brightness of the skin;
    • stimulates cell regeneration

    Professional results

    With Pavo Pro, you get professional results in the comfort of your home, not just for the complexion, but for any area of the skin. No appointments, no extra expenses! Use it with your skincare product or even over a sheet mask for results beyond expectations.

    Now, home

    You can see the effects from the first use: brighter, more supple skin. If you want truly revolutionary results, after 3-4 weeks, all you have to do is be faithful to your daily care ritual.


    Pavo Pro is a smart device that you can use to improve the appearance of the skin in other areas of the body: neck, hands, arms, waist, hips, thighs, calves. In addition, vibration massage relaxes, invigorates the subcutaneous muscles and releases the energy channels.


    Device hygiene is an essential part of skin care. Pavo Pro is waterproof with the IP66 index.





    Planet Friendly

    The new Pavo Pro protects the environment and is designed to save energy.

    3 minutes

    Each program lasts 3 minutes, after which the device automatically switches to the next program. After completing the 9 minutes (if you started with normal mode and went through all 3 modes), Pavo Pro will shut down automatically.


    When set to warm mode, if you do not use the device for more than 3 minutes, the Pavo Pro automatically shuts down for safety reasons.

    Smart sensor

    The device on warm mode will gradually heat up after the first 30 seconds - 60 seconds of continuous contact of the device with your skin.

    The power of 3

    The power of 3

    The new Pavo Pro has 3 massage programs for a complete care and relaxation service: normal, cold and warm. Use on pre-cleansed skin with your skincare product for deep absorption of active ingredients.

    Normal Mode: Stimulation

    Want maximum results? Start with the normal mode massage program that activates blood circulation for 3 minutes and prepares the skin for the next program in your routine.

    • White LED color
    • No temperature variations
    • Intense vibrations
    • Ions +/-

    Cool mode: Toning and calming

    Do you have sensitive skin or oily, acne-prone skin? With the massage program in cold mode, the new Pavo Pro cools down to a temperature of 6-10 degrees Celsius compared to the ambient temperature and works only on the inner metal spring of the device.

    Depending on skin type and skin sensitivity, cryotherapy may feel stronger or weaker from one person to another.

    • Blue LED color
    • Cold massage mode
    • The vibration frequency is normal
    • Smart sensor
    • Ions +/-
    Warm mode: Cellular regeneration

    Do you want skin with an even, firm appearance, without spots and wrinkles? Choose the massage program in warm mode, with a temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius, which only works on the inner metal spring of the device.
    The temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, close to that of the human body, may feel stronger or weaker from one person to another, depending on the skin type and skin sensitivity.

    • Red LED color
    • Heat massage, temperature approximately 40 degrees Celsius on 2 sides
    • The vibration frequency is intense
    • Smart sensor
    • Ions +/-

    How to use Pavo Pro?

    1. After removing make-up and cleansing, apply the care product adapted to the needs of your skin.

    2. Turn on the Pavo Pro by pressing the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.

    3. Choose the desired program: normal (white LED), cold (blue LED light) or warm (red LED light), by briefly pressing the ON/OFF button.

    4. Touch the skin with the concave metal part to start the care routine.

    5. Massage the skin from the inside out, from the chin to the forehead or, on the neck, from the bottom up, to achieve the lifting effect. To relax the muscles in the neck area, use the device on the pressure points.


    Pavo Pro is charged wirelessly, by placing it in the holder that has the USB cable attached in advance and is connected to a source of electricity (socket, laptop, etc.), or classically, by connecting a USB cable to the side socket covered with a silicone cover .

    Charging from low battery stage to full charge stage takes about 4 hours.

    Blue flashing light indicates charging status. The blue light stays on when the device is fully charged.


    1. Stop using the device if you feel discomfort, irritation or pain.

    2. Do not keep the Pavo Pro in contact with water for more than 10 seconds and make sure the device has the silicone cover on the charging port tightly closed.

    3. Store Pavo Pro in a dry and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight and make sure there are no corrosive chemicals around.

    4. The material for cleaning the device can be high-quality fleece or cotton.

    5. Use a moderate amount of skin care product as it can seep into the device and damage it. After each use, clean the device with a clean cloth.

    6. Always make sure the device has the silicone cover closed and is perfectly sealed.

    7. After a long period of time, the product needs 15 minutes of reactivation to reach optimal operation.

    8. Keep out of reach of children!

    9. The device does not turn on when in the wireless base while charging for safety reasons.

    10. Do not use the device while it is charging!

    Warranty, shipping and returns

    Warranty 24 months.

    In case of return, the buyer bears the cost of ROUND BACK transport.

    Careful! Sempasi products are for personal use. For reasons of personal hygiene, they cannot be returned after unsealing.

    High quality EU standards

    When it comes to quality, we take it very seriously.

    Sempasi products are manufactured from materials that comply with the highest standards. Our factory has the international certifications of CE, ROHS, ISO9001, ISO13485

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