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Hair Shampoo Eco Family 500 ml

Hair Shampoo Eco Family 500 ml

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Formula H - Hair Shampoo ECO Family is a delightfully fragrant shampoo perfect for the entire family. Enriched with nourishing natural oils, this shampoo strengthens both the scalp and hair. Formulated with premium oils containing Omega 3 + 6 + 9 and Vitamin A + C + E, it provides optimal protection for your hair and scalp. To use, simply apply as needed and store at room temperature, away from children. For even more benefits, pair with Formula H Hair Conditioner. By directly sourcing ingredients from the farms where they are grown, Formula H ensures quality and fair working conditions for farm employees. With each purchase of Formula H, you are making a positive impact by supporting these farm communities and providing them with essential resources like education, clean water, and sanitation. Choose Formula H for a truly impactful choice.

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