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Hair Conditioner/Balsam 250 ml

Hair Conditioner/Balsam 250 ml

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Effect Formula H Hair Conditioner effectively seals each hair strand, providing essential moisture and protection. This not only prevents static and frizz, but also nourishes and strengthens hair. The premium blend of oils in Formula H Hair Conditioner, including Omega 3+6+9 and Vitamins A+C+E, further promote hair health and manageability. For optimal results, use in conjunction with Formula H Hair Shampoo. After shampooing, remove excess water, apply the conditioner, and leave in for 30 seconds before rinsing. Formula H sources its raw materials directly from farms, ensuring quality and fair working conditions for employees and their families. By choosing Formula H, you are making a positive impact on the lives of farm workers and supporting sustainable practices. Store at room temperature and keep out of reach of children for long-lasting benefits.

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