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Anti-Redness Cream 50 ml

Anti-Redness Cream 50 ml

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Effectively addressing redness, irritation, and minor acne, Anti-Redness Cream from Formula H keeps skin moisturized. It also helps to diminish pores and fine lines. This anti-redness cream contains extracts from two unique plants, each with its own specific purpose. Hamamelis Virginiana combats redness, irritation, and minor acne, while Shea Butter nourishes and restores skin. Rich in Vitamin C+E, Iron, Calcium, and Protein, Shea Butter provides additional benefits. To use, apply small amounts of the cream to the desired areas and massage into the skin. Store at room temperature and keep away from children. Anti-Redness Cream can be used in place of a typical day cream. For even more benefits, try Formula H Night Cream in the evening. The Night Cream contains Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi), which reduces wrinkles and has a strong anti-redness effect. Additionally, Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Extract strengthens skin and improves blood circulation,

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